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  • but the fourth one stayed up

    Thanks to some generous donations and my tax return, I have obtained parts and put together a new server.  This blog and a few other minor things are already running on the new machine, though as I write this, most of my other Internet services are still on the old server, saidar.  The new server […]

  • finding stuff

    I need a little information from anyone who might be reading this. Two things, one of which is probably too fanciful to actually pursue. The first item is a good pair of inexpensive shoes for the clipless pedals on my bicycle. I already have cleats from my previous pair, which are too small for my […]

  • gubment cheese

    The 2007 Daylight Savings change was described in an email to me as “legislative ass hattery.” I have to agree with this assessment. I’ve just spend an hour and a half tracking down things that did not update properly when the time changed. It seems that the worst offender was Windows 2000, but we have […]

  • towing yellow citrus

    We went up to Access RV on Saturday and pulled the trailer back home. I set it up on Sunday to see how they did on the repairs. At first, things looked pretty good.

  • and the monkey flips the switch

    Tonight I spent one hundred seventy nine dollars and one cent on twelve light bulbs and six reflective flood covers.

  • what fassbinder film is it

    I recently went back to work after a nice long vacation. I was off work from August 27th through September 7th. Kathy and I had grand plans to get a zillion projects taken care of during that time, but mostly we sat around and did a lot of nothing. Near the end, we did spend […]

  • one hour photo

    My digital photo collection is growing constantly, but I have not had an easy way to get them online. Until now, that is. I have installed gallery on my site so it is easy to make pictures available. UPDATE — I have created a clever subdomain for my gallery and moved it. It can now […]

  • zero stones … ZERO CRATES!

    Tonight I was going to create a couple of titles for later blog entries. This was at about 11:00 PM. Now it’s 1:22 and my blog is finally back online. I was having a segmentation fault in PHP related to MySQL fetching. After recompiling PHP several times and not figuring out what was wrong, I […]

  • wordpress 1.5 upgrade

    I’ve upgraded my blog again. I can see that my RSS feed URL has changed, so I apologize to everyone who’s tracking me via RSS that may now have a problem. When/if I decide to move the blog to the new URL, you can all feel free to hate me one more time for the […]

  • domain registration silly business

    I have registered two new domains … “atory.org” and “itory.org” are the names. Under strong consideration for my blog is https://purg.atory.org with a new blogname.. An old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a long time owns ity.org which is much better than mine when it comes to using real words as hostnames. […]

  • URL changing

    Because there never has been anything useful on my main website, I have decided to change the URL of this blog to just http://www.elyograg.org instead of appending the /blog … so my RSS feed has changed too. Update your readers as soon as you can. For now, /blog/* will properly redirect.

  • luring the bears

    I read about Project HoneyPot on Slashdot recently, and signed up to help out the cause. I put pots on two of my domains and also donated two MX entries. So the spambots can find them, links to the pots are here and here. Although I have managed to eliminate virtually all spam from my […]

  • ipcop firewall project

    Along with the .org, .net, .com, and .info versions of my ‘elyograg’ domain, my server runs Lower Lights, the domains that my wife set aside for a business, and some of the pieces of my friend Nat‘s domain. Eventually all of Nat’s domain will reside on my server. Currently I use a firewall product called […]