zero stones … ZERO CRATES!

Tonight I was going to create a couple of titles for later blog entries. This was at about 11:00 PM.

Now it’s 1:22 and my blog is finally back online. I was having a segmentation fault in PHP related to MySQL fetching. After recompiling PHP several times and not figuring out what was wrong, I finally decided to downgrade my MySQL development library. One more recompile of PHP and now my blog is working again.

The Lower Lights forum system didn’t have a single issue the whole time, so it must not use whatever function was crashing.

One response to “zero stones … ZERO CRATES!”

  1. One again I bow to your Geek Foo. I can’t get mysql to work at all on my peecee at home. I wanted to set up a message board like LL but it just never got working. Perhaps I need to hand in my geek card.

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