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I recently went back to work after a nice long vacation. I was off work from August 27th through September 7th. Kathy and I had grand plans to get a zillion projects taken care of during that time, but mostly we sat around and did a lot of nothing.

Near the end, we did spend a little time on a building project, and on that last day of vacation, we finished moving our shed. The shed was bought at Sam’s Club a couple of years ago for $700. When we initially set the shed up, we just cleared a section of dirt and put it down. We didn’t really have any way to level the area properly, so the shed became warped and the doors wouldn’t close properly.

Before we moved the shed, we built a custom platform for it out of 19/32″ plywood and 2×6 boards. The platform was placed on concrete blocks, which we levelled with gravel. Below are before and after pictures, which you can click on for more detail. You can see the warping in the first picture and some of the construciton detail in the second. The third picture is the concrete block we used. There are six of them under the main platform and one under the bay at the rear.

The whole thing turned out better than we expected, and after spending a couple of days going through the heat of daylight, the shed has even shifted back to where it is mostly straight and the doors close right.

deck block

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