seasonal affective disorder

It’s January. A lot of people I know are having problems right now. My wife feels it very strongly. I’ve been reading and hearing things from many friends that cover everything from feeling a little down to severe medical issues. I would normally exclude myself from this, but you just have to look back one post from this one to see that I’m affacted to.

Can we just go to sleep on New Years Day and not wake up for a while? People in good relationships could wake up for Valentine’s Day, then go back to sleep until that green Irish day, or maybe the egg-laying bunny day. Others could just sleep through Single Awareness Day.

3 responses to “seasonal affective disorder”

  1. I can see this happening with a few people around me, and I have had it happen in the past. I love the holidays so much I really don’t want them to end and I think alot of other people may suffer from the same thing. However I think I found the cure for it. I have been so busy this year with work, the new baby and other projects at home I almost didn’t notice the holidays this year and things still haven’t slowed down all that much. I don’t know if I should fear getting the blahs when everything starts to slow down, or if I should be upset cause it feels like I didn’t get any holidays this year.

    • Interesting … although it sounds like it’s working for you, having another baby and spending more time at work do not really sound like viable solutions to me! I think that would make it worse!

  2. You have a right to SADD your maternal side has generations of affliction.

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