sensory input

I read a thought provoking article recently.

I would love to have the belt described on the first page of the article, which uses a series of cellphone vibrator motors situated around the belt, with one always vibrating – whichever one points North. Of course, I’d want a refined consumer version – one that can disappear under clothing (or even act as an actual belt) and operates silently.

Some of the best sci-fi stories I’ve read have revolved around augmenting human senses, usually with some kind of heads-up display that projects right into the eye, or a brain-computer interface. The problem with these ideas in the real world are that the former can be a distracting safety hazard and the latter involves medical and technological barriers. A low-tech approach like that belt is very appealing. There are several other similar ideas mentioned in the article, it’s worth a read.

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