the official fruit of the apollo command module simulator

A few days ago, I went to my RV dealer and traded in the generator for a brand new one. The model number is slightly different, but it is actually the same generator – the old model number that graces this unit has “3500” in it, but it’s a 3000 watt generator. Apparently they renamed it with 3000 to reduce confusion.

So far, the new generator seems to have taken care of the pulsing light problem. I will need to do further testing when the temperature raises up into the 40 degree range to know for sure, but I think it’s done.

We still have a few minor issues left with the trailer, but now I have confidence that they will be resolved. Due to lingering snow, we haven’t been able to collapse the trailer, and it snowed again last night. Until I can get it dry and collapsed, I can’t take it back for the rest of the work.

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