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In July of this year, we went on a massive family reunion campout in Island Park, Idaho. This is just a few miles down the road from West Yellowstone.

One of the really cool things in Island Park is the headwaters of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, a place called Big Springs. The river comes up out of the ground, flowing at the rate of a full river, not a trickle.

The water is pristine and ultra-clear, and fishing is prohibited in the area. There are a large bunch of absolutely enormous trout that you can feed from the bridge that lets cars into the area.

I took several pictures of the fish, and also of the birds and muskrats (i think they were muskrats anyway) that joined them in competition for the bread dropped off the bridge. Some of the better pictures are linked below. The swimming bird is particularly good when viewed at full size.




click for high-res image

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