counting down to lemon status

Here is a list of the things that are have gone wrong with our trailer. The ones that are crossed out have been fixed. I plan to update this post as things get fixed or new problems arise.

  • The air conditioner trips its 20 amp breaker when the compressor kicks in.
  • The air conditioner kills generator.
  • There is a water leak. It drips from the surface-mounted conduit that feeds power to the air conditioner. My guess is that the air conditioner hole wasn’t well sealed.
  • When the generator is plugged in and the air conditioner is off, the 12V lights pulse from bright to dim. Even though it happens every time, the dealer claims they cannot reproduce this.
  • When accessories are plugged into one of the 12V lights, the fuse blows.
  • After the dealer fixed the short in the accessory socket on the light, the accessory plug falls out of the socket.
  • After our first trip, the Battery was not charging when on house current.
  • Why did the fuse blow that caused apparent dead battery?
  • The battery completely discharged after second trip, trailer was sitting closed with everything off for a couple of days.
  • The power converter gets quite warm and its fan runs when charging the battery. All appliances are turned off at the time.
  • One of the straps that holds door when trailer is down has a stripped screw.
  • Part of the trim that holds down the canvas on the dinette pullout broke on the first trip.
  • The power lifter does not raise the trailer all the way. We have to hand-crank the last inch or so.
  • The bed curtains on both ends do not close all the way. A screw was installed too close to the track.
  • The dealer patched a hole in the canvas and told us a new one has been ordered.
  • The heater died completely on the second night of our second trip. The manual claims this may be a bad relay.

I think the dealer’s service department is probably fed up with dealing with us. It took much longer than expected for initial delivery because they ran into trouble during air conditioner installation. We’ve had the trailer up there a few times since then for the issues that are fixed already, and even for some of them that aren’t.

The generator and general power troubles make me suspect that the converter is either broken or got wired wrong when they installed the air conditioner. The pulsing does not occur with my brother-in-law’s generator, but strangely my generator was able to power his trailer, with a larger air conditioner unit, with no troubles.

Unfortunately, Utah’s lemon law only applies to the vehicle chassis portions of an RV, and the law specifically says “motor home”, so if this actually turns out to be a lemon, I’ll be at the dealer’s mercy.

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  1. You should have heeded the warning about feeding the mogwai after midnight, now you’ve got gremlins.

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