mmo character rename

A couple of years ago, I bought Guild Wars.  It’s an MMO, but they don’t charge a monthly fee.

I’ve had an online identity of “elyograg” for about twenty years now.  Naturally I wanted to use this name when I created my first Guild Wars character.  Something I didn’t know until faced with it: GW actually requires at least two words in your character name.  I was suddenly on the spot to extend my online identity.  Chomping at bit to get started playing, I typed in the first thing that came to mind for that second word: prime.  I’ve never been happy with it.

I would now like to get that changed to something that I can really identify with and that fits in with with the Guild Wars universe.  I haven’t decided whether I’ll build a new character or pay ArenaNet a fee to change the name of my existing character.

Anyone out there on the intarwebz have any suggestions for me on a new suffix for my character name?  I’m OK with going beyond two words, but I don’t want the entire thing to be super-long.

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