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I am lusting after a bunch of tools for car repair.  Below is what I want at the moment.  If you would like to donate anything on this list, feel free! Originally I was looking at Craftsman for everything, but it turns out that their “guaranteed forever” tool warranty only apply to basic hand tools.

  • A nicely outfitted set of hand tools with a lifetime warranty.  This looks like an awesome bang for the buck, and it comes with a toolbox!
  • Two torque wrenches, so that I can do torque in both inch-pounds and foot-pounds.  I’m thinking of this and this.
  • A set of socket adapters, so the torque wrenches will work with any size socket.
  • A hydraulic floor jack, two ton minimum.  This one has a nice price, hopefully “cheap” doesn’t also apply to how well it will lift and hold.  There’s this one too.
  • Ramps for oil changing.  I like these.
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