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We have a Porter Cable 19.2V cordless drill that I have really liked using. Lately it has had some issues, the biggest of which is a horrible electrical almost-burning smell.

I would like to replace it so I have a drill to take with me on my business trip to a data center, and was thinking I would stick with the Porter Cable 19.2V, thinking that their other cordless tools in the same line would be also very good tools … but I just learned that they have discontinued that line, and are now only making 18V products.

What brand and line would all of you recommend that I invest in now? I would like to find a balance between Tim-Toolman-Taylor perfection and price.

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  1. Porter Cable is a good brand. My father dropped his from 15′ onto concrete and it kept on working for years. I think he had it rebuilt to extend its life. I have a Ryobi cheapo-but-not-cheapest 18V Drill I’m happy with, but after 3 years the batteries are weakening. It got me through many remodel projects though.

  2. you dad liked his his Ryobi and DeWalt drills. I think he liked his DeWalt the best. I like the Ryobi, It is not very heavy, that I like.

  3. I’ve got a Skil cordless drill that took multiple trips off the garage roof onto the concrete driveway while I was replacing hurricane’d siding(I shoulda bought a holster). Functions perfectly today.

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