i dream of electric legroom

In just under three weeks, I will be on a Delta flight to Chicagoland. It’s a 6 night business trip to Lisle, where I will install a bunch of new hardware. This is all in preparation for the project to move everything from Lisle to Salt Lake City in a couple of months.

My ticket ended up in first class (2D) for the trip there. How this happened is a mystery, I definitely didn’t book a first class ticket. On the way back, it’ll be an exit row (26D). Both airplanes are the MD90 model.

I’ve done this trip before. It promises to be full of cold weather and workdays that last at least 12 hours. The fact that I can eat wonderful meals on someone else’s dime almost makes up for it. I do hate to be away from my wife for so long, I wish she could come with me.

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