gourmet sandwiches

Today, in an effort to save money and eat better, I went to the store and bought the bits for sandwiches. Gourmet sandwiches that I would never be able to get my kids to touch, even if they happened to have a thirty-nine and a half foot pole handy.


  • Grandma’s multi-grain bread with visible seeds: $2.00
  • Kroger brand crunchy peanut butter: $1.74 x 2
  • Smucker’s strawberry jam: $3.59

It would have to be white bread, creamy peanut butter, and grape jam for the kids to even consider eating it.

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By elyograg

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  1. Hey Shawn~
    I’m having troubles with the bjhsptsa@erinat.com E-mail. All the messages that people send are being returned to them. Nothing is coming in.
    Do you know what is going on?

    P.S. My kids wouldn’t touch bread with visible seeds with a pole of any size!

    1. The email account had a 10MB quota and you’ve got 11MB of mail in it. I’ve bumped it to 50MB. This is also something Nat can do as the manager of the erinat.com domain.

  2. You ate that all of your young life, sans the dirty bread. Himself didn’t like it so it wasn’t available. Good stuff.

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