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No doubt about it, the CPAP is making a difference. I feel so much better. If any of you out there in the blogosphere feel tired all the time and your bedmate tells you that you snore or stop breathing while you sleep, you should definitely talk to a doctor and have a sleep study.

This morning there was about two inches of snow on the sidewalks. In days past, I would have ignored it, not having the energy to shovel it. Very often our neighbors will happily run their snowblower up the block and do it for me, and if that doesn’t happen I can ask one of the kids to do it. Yes, I know this makes me a lazy putz, but today I put a small dent in making up for it by going out there and taking care of it myself. I did most of the driveway and the entire sidewalk, which on our corner lot is 100 feet in the front and 110 feet on the side.

One of the cool features on my CPAP machine was not enabled, but the medical supply place turned off access to the advanced features. I found out how to hack past the restrictions and this morning I turned on the Expiratory Pressure Relief feature, which drops the pressure when you exhale and resumes it when you inhale. It’s smart enough to revert to constant pressure if it detects that you’ve stopped breathing properly. I’m hopeful that this will make my experience with the machine even better.

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