hot and cold air, 2008

Two of the three kids that I take to school in the morning called in sick, so I only had to take one. After that I went and voted, then stopped by Starbucks for my free cup of coffee.

I urge everyone to go and vote if they’ve registered, no matter which candidate or party they prefer, even if they live (as I do) in a state whose majority will probably swallow your vote and make it nearly meaningless. You never know what might happen.

Last night was my first night on the CPAP. It’s this model, including the humidifier option. I’ve got this mask to go with it.

When I had my sleep study, I was clinically asleep in under a minute after lights out and showing apnea symptoms within 30 seconds after that. Last night, I’m pretty sure it took a lot longer for me to fall asleep initially. It’s an unusual feeling, breathing against air pressure. Not unpleasant, just not normal. I went to sleep on my back, something my wife hasn’t let me do in recent memory, because I invariably stop breathing right away.

I feel subjectively better today. Still yawning from time to time, but I don’t feel like I have to force my eyes open constantly like almost every day up to now. It’s not quite the night/day difference I’d been hoping for, but after one night it’s pretty amazing.

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  1. It will take about a week for your body to actually catch up and for you to get the full benefits (that’s a personal, not a medical opinion). Oh, and be prepared for some vivid dreams – you’re way behind on REM too.

    It all settles down and becomes “normal” within about thirty days or so.

  2. “even if they live (as I do) in a state whose majority will probably swallow your vote and make it nearly meaningless.”

    Surprisingly enough, I’m in the same situation, even in California. For me, though, it doesn’t matter where I live, my presidential vote is *always* going to be meaningless. That’s the way it goes when you’ve got an oddball set of values that make up your personal political compass–sucks the big one when you’ll only ever agree with either candidate about 50 percent of the time.

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