nbc means ‘nothing but costas’

That man really needs to shut up.

4 responses to “nbc means ‘nothing but costas’”

  1. Agreed – but otherwise I’m enjoying the games. Good commentators this year – they’ve got personality – a jamaican calling track, a texan calling gymnastics – I like it.

    • Several times I’ve gone to work tired from being up until all hours the night before, but I haven’t been able to watch every day. It’s been pretty exciting. I think they WAY overdid the Michael Phelps coverage. He’s awesome, what he’s managed to do is awesome, but other coverage suffered for it. Has decades of market research really told them that showing the mega-star’s mother putting on lip gloss gets more viewers than showing another event’s finish live?

    • Disclosure there – I’m basing what I just said about the lip gloss on something my wife said when it happened, I happened to be out of the room at that moment.

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