boat pics

I set up the boat today so I could get pictures. I’ve got five shots that I felt were worth sharing. The first is a wide-angle shot showing the boat next to our van. The van is Chevy’s 15 passenger beast, about 20 feet long. The boat’s specs say it is 11 feet long.


The second picture looks at the boat from the bow end. If you blow the picture up to full size, you can fuzzily see the batteries under the transom seat.


The third picture is a view of the interior of the boat from the side, looking towards the bow. The tripod chair was something I picked up this afternoon for $9 at Sportsman’s warehouse. It looks promising, we’ll see how well it works when the boat is actually out on the water. I have my eye on a thing or three from Cabelas, we might pick up a set early next week.


The fourth picture is the motor. Although I wish that either it were a 12V motor or that I had a single 24V battery, it’s worked out very well. You can see part of the transom seat and the transom motor mount itself in this picture.


The last picture shows my anchor, its chain and rope, and the chair bag I am using for rope storage and delivery.


Kathy has told me that she will shorten the bag for me – the rope only takes up about a third of the space inside it, so the bag could be cut in half and still work perfectly. In the long-term, I believe I need a single larger bag that can hold both the anchor and the whole rode. I’d like to put a large grommet in the bottom, which would serve two purposes. One purpose is drainage, so the bag can let water out easily. The other is to let a short section of rope hang out which would be tied to the boat. That would ensure that I never lose my anchor on the bottom of the lake due to carelessness, but not interfere when rope is deployed or stored.

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