more boat names

The wife and I have been brainstorming a bit and have come up with a few more contenders. Give us your opinions and any other suggestions!

  • T’Pau
  • Rosie Cotton
  • The Purl
  • The Crochety Purl
  • Katydid
  • Kobayashi Maru
  • Kaylee
  • River Tam
  • Gray Havens
  • Tar Valon
  • Dante’s Sixth
  • The Amyrlin Seat
  • My Squishie

By elyograg

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4 replies on “more boat names”

I think I’d shy away from the Kobayashi Maru because of its titanic like properties – that was the unwinnable scenario if memory serves.

I can’t think of any good names to suggest as a replacement just at the moment – but I’m the guy whose web site was unavailable for 24 hours because I couldn’t figure out how to unplug and plug a network cable (hey, all the diagnostics SAID it was working!)

Let’s see – lighter than water stuff. Pumice. Wood. Witches. A duck. Very small pebbles – no, wait…

Like I said, I’m not coming up with anything better than y’all are and you’ve got some good ones. Maybe think of something a park ranger won’t be overly embarrassed to holler through a bullhorn, at least for the painting on the bow.

I’m gonna vote for Tar Valon, though I did like River Tam a lot.

Unfortunately, it’s Monday, so I cannot be very creative just yet.

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