update on browser upgrade

The Move Networks video player used by FOX and ABC for their streaming video doesn’t work with Firefox 3. It still works in IE7, so I am now faced with a choice – downgrade or just use IE7 to watch that video. I can’t find any information about when they expect this problem to be addressed. The full release of FF3 is supposed to be on track for this month, so I’m hoping that there are folks hard at work to fix the problem.

I just discovered that the player used by NBC and the SciFi channel still works – and that there’s a new episode of Battlestar Galactica up on the ‘net.

One of my favorite plugins – Cookiesafe – was not supported when I did the browser upgrade yesterday, and they removed an important feature from its replacement, CS Lite.

Last night, I posted a question about this change on the author’s forum. I then followed up my post with the realization that there’s a clumsy workaround. The author responded to my post by telling me that he’d updated the full plugin to work with FF3.

The forum also has another topic with a more complete explanation of why the behavior I loved was removed. I posted a followup this morning.

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