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I have just upgraded my work machine to Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2. Initial impressions:

It sure looks different. Right away I noticed a major change when typing in the address bar – the auto-complete using entries from your browsing history is far better, and someone told me it also searches your bookmarks. It does seem to respond faster than FF2 did. We’ll see with further usage whether they have fixed the rampant memory leaks for which Firefox is famous.

One of my plugins was incompatible – Cookiesafe. I quickly learned that this plugin has been supplanted by CS lite, which seems to be adequate for my needs.

I think I’ll install it at home too.

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  1. I’ve been using FF3 RCx under linux for a little bit, so far so good. When I first tried it out, the Foxmarks plugin wasn’t supported, but it is now.

    I’ll probably wait for another RC release before migrating my m$ boxen.

  2. I’m a wimp, I like the stable versions of stuff. I will however, hope that you continue to review the cutting edge of software so I know what’s coming down the pike.

    Speaking of, are you anticipating Spore? Sounds like Civ, a course in microbiology, and a little bit of Tradewars all rolled up into one awesome game.

    • I don’t do very many video games, and in general I *suck* at real time strategy games. If they are very simple, like Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, I do OK, though.

      I might get Spore, it does look pretty interesting.

      • I hope you do, I’d like to see some of your creations. I don’t know what it is – maybe atheism just naturally leads a person to enjoy playing god – but I have always been extremely addictive when it comes to world builders. In fact, the PC I’m writing this from was purchased specifically to enable CIV4.

        • OK, so if I understand what I’m reading here, there’s a $10 creature creator thing coming in a little over a week from now, then the full game releases three months from now at $50, and will contain the best of the creatures that people create during those near three months?

        • As I understand it, that will be one potential source of the competing diversity lines. There will also be game generated lines, as well as what might emerge in updates and online.

          Allowing your good guys to be someone elses villain, sorta thing.

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