Twitter Updates for 2008-05-16

  • Wendy’s. Always tasty. I am so lazy. #
  • Went to a friend’s place (double wide trailer) to try and fix an electrical circuit. Didn’t find the problem, but discovered that two of … #
  • re connected together somewhere in the house. #
  • I tell them almost every morning we have to be out the door by 7:15. Every morning I am still wondering where they are at 7:25. #
  • I like the folks at woot. "Click this stupidly large button." #
  • lunch was little sleazers. four guys, three pepperoni pizzas. #
  • Four Cisco 1231G access points, $145 each. #
  • Eight AIR-ANT1728 equivalent antennas (but with the wrong kind of connectors), $10 each. #
  • Eight custom RP-BNC male to RP-TNC female cables, $42 each. #
  • Getting dirty and sweaty in the ceiling, PRICELESS. #
  • @peno yes, it is an awesome price. awesome price on the antennas too. the antenna is the same OEM part as cisco but a different brand. #
  • Horrible terrible traffic. It’s not like there is a pivotal jazz game tonight or anything, so I just don’t get why there are so many car … #
  • @lnxcwby All things are relative. Someone from Erda (say hi for me, grace) would probably hate my normal commute. #
  • @sunnie not sure yet exactly how twitter works. Did you see the note a moment ago where I parenthetically spoke to you? #

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