ok campers, rise and shine

This has been a very interesting spring. Every week or two we wake up one morning to find that the mountains have a new coat of white. Of course, it only takes a day or so for the lower portions to melt off again. Sometimes, as is the case today, most lawns and all the rooftops are snow-covered as well.

Last year the mountains waited a very long time before turning from green to yellow. The two years before that, they stayed pretty green through the whole summer and early fall. I hope this year is similar.

Unfortunately, all this doesn’t seem to be helping the pollen counts inside my house. Hopefully it will mean my commute will be less miserable. Yesterday I could hardly see the road through the sneezes.

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  1. If it helps, Zyrtec is over the counter now – 45 pills for 30 bucks at walgreen’s, one pill per day and no drowsiness.

    Gotta get me some.

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