get ready to rumble

I have come into a pair of tickets to a Utah Jazz game, on February 19th vs. the Golden State Warriors.

Sporting events are not something that suits us, so we’d like to know if anyone would like to buy them, or knows someone who would. This would let us have a nice dinner date instead. I’m thinking $100 for the pair, which is significantly lower than the $120 cost printed on each ticket. They are in section 10, row 15, seats 5 and 6.

– Update: I have placed the tickets for sale on Stub Hub

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  1. I find this ironic in the extreme. My husband (lifelong hockey fan and gradual basketball convert…kinda) asked me last night if I’d like to go see a Warriors game. He was looking today to see if they played the Jazz in Oakland at any point in the remainder of the season (they don’t–guess they’ve already made their road trip out here). We’re going to see Warriors v. Celtics instead, but I said, ‘Maybe we could take a long weekend sometime and go see the Jazz play in Salt Lake.’

    Sadly, Feb 19th isn’t weekend-ish, so I regretfully have to pass, but sometimes the world is so small that it scares and amuses me.

  2. Hmm. If I were in SLC and in your situation, I’d definitely put those Jazz seats up on craigslist with an “or trade + $30” for a pair of these:

    1/24/2008 20:00, Abravanel Hall, harpsichord soloist, Bach’s Brandenberg concertos 1, 5, and 3. Premium seats list at $35.00 each at this early stage.

    I hope you turn those into a great night out for you two, no matter what your plan is.

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