want to go back to sleep

It’s a tired morning. I stayed up late watching disc 1 from season 1 of My Name is Earl. I don’t think my wife agrees with me, but I find this to be a very funny show, and I would like to rent the rest of the season.

Initially, our daughter who has school obligations during our campout wanted to stay home. My in-laws planned to stay at our house to be on kitten watch – one of our cats is pregnant. Now it looks like that daughter will be coming with us after all. I’m not sure if the in-laws will still be coming or not.

It looks like everything was fixed on the trailer except the broken vent on the air conditioner. I have discovered a couple of new problems, though. The repair (very sticky tape) on the canvas hole has come off on the inside. It wrapped itself around the metal tube that holds the canvas up. The outside of the repair is still fine. Also, the water pump sounds a little sick – instead of a steady pumping, it is operating in bursts. Although we have not actually used the water tank while camping, it has been operated at home and has always been steady.

To anyone who’s blog I normally read, I apologize if I’ve missed something earth-shattering. I haven’t loaded my RSS reader in at least a month or two, so I don’t know what you’re all up to. I’ll get to it eventually.

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