camp on, camp off

It’s been quite an adventure getting to our first campout of the year, which kicks off May 12th and goes about 10 days.

I picked up our trailer from the dealer yesterday. Most of it was warranty work, but I did have them do a few things that don’t fall under that, so it cost a fair chunk of change to get it back.

  • I had them replace the strips that anchor the canvas bottoms with metal. When they fixed the broken piece on the dinette, they replaced it with metal, so I wanted to proactively prevent breakage on the front and rear as well.
  • They lubed the axles for me, and replaced the rubber plug on one side because it had torn and dirt was getting inside.
  • The hole in the roof was fixed under warranty. It looks like a good repair, but I think the stuff they used is going to turn yellow and be unsightly in a couple of years. Unless it leaks again, I’m not going to worry about that much. It’s on the roof, so we won’t be looking at it very often.
  • We bought a vinyl cover for winter storage.
  • They replaced the pigtail that I wrecked.
  • We had them de-winterize it.
  • The broken thermostat was replaced under warranty.

There is still a (well-patched) hole in the canvas, but this time the replacement canvas supposedly really has been ordered. Of course, we were told that when they created the hole during pre-delivery inspection. That’s two dealer-caused violations to the weather sealing, if you’re keeping score at home.

Due to rainy weather that started a couple of hours after getting the trailer home and won’t be letting up much until approximately Sunday, we haven’t set it up to find out whether everything actually works.

We’ve also discovered that one of our teenage daughters has federal school testing and a major school project that week. How we’re going to tackle this issue hasn’t been worked out yet.

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