what’s that flower you have on

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day.

Just after you turn north at Knudsen’s Corner on I-215, there’s a spot where the northbound lanes are some 20-30 feet higher than the southbound lanes. In good weather, you get a breathtaking view of the valley, especially if you’re in a tall vehicle and can easily see over the barrier.

When I reached this point yesterday morning, I looked out west and saw green everywhere. Here and there a lawn was visible through the forest, and in some places one individual tree would be covered in flowers. The east bench is an older part of the city, so unlike my neighborhood it has large mature trees. It was quite a sight, from the dark stately evergreens to the brilliant youth of the deciduous dawn.

One response to “what’s that flower you have on”

  1. I always loved that view. Unless there was an inversion, of course, and the lovely brown smog layer could be seen… 😉

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