lemonade with no trailer connection

Late one summer morning a couple of years ago, we drove to a family party. On the way, we passed a lemonade stand in our neighborhood. The pair of preteen girls running it looked bored out of their minds.

Later that day, when it was a whole lot warmer, we passed the same lemonade stand. This time, the girls were jumping around doing everything they could to get business, similar to what you sometimes see for car washes.

When they saw us coming in our huge full-size van, they got really excited, probably hoping to sell a lot of lemonade at once. One of them ran to the table and lifted the pitcher high in the air to get our attention.

Our contribution to the family party we had just left was drinks. One of the things we had left over was a translucent gallon jug of sugar free punch, bright pink. I think it was strawberry-kiwi. Kathy had that on the floor between her feet so that it wouldn’t spill. When the girls lifted their pitcher, Kathy gave the girls a huge grin, lifted our pitcher up into view, and gestured towards it with a perfect “The Price is Right” prize-girl motion.

The mixture of dumbfounded surprise and disappointment on those girls’ faces was absolutely priceless.

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