back on the road

We left town way too late to deal with the trailer, so it’s still at the house. On our way out of town, we got mired down in horrible I-15 commute traffic. It took two hours to get from 90th south to Farmington, where most of the bad traffic let up. There was another bad snarl in Ogden, on that section of freeway where it goes mostly east-west.

Has that east-west section of I-15 in Ogden ever NOT been under construction? It seems that every time I have ever driven through there, they’re building the freeway again. Not just repair – teardown and rebuild. I’m guessing they want to make it wider, but I’ve never seen it more than two lanes in each direction because the other lanes are dirt.

We arrived in Idaho Falls at our hotel at 9:30 PM, considerably later than planned. I slept OK, but Kathy feels like she didn’t sleep at all. This is not a good trend for her, as it is probably going to result in a lupus flare.

After the continental breakfast, we’ll be back on the road, arriving in Townsend this afternoon. There we will check in to the Mustang motel. The funeral is expected to happen on Monday. I don’t know how often I will have Internet access.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of you guys all weekend. I hope all goes well on Monday. *hugs*

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