where does the pollen go?

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I’m much more familiar with this sequel than the original, and I think that’s why I like it better. Then again, it might just be Michelle Pfeiffer in her first starring role.

I’ve just confirmed that it really is the actors doing the singing, which I had always suspected. In some of the songs, such as the one quoted for this post’s title, this is really obvious, but with Ms. Pfeiffer’s songs, I wasn’t absolutely sure until now.

This brings up an interesting question for the women out there. Normally, when an attractive woman also has a foreign accent, particularly British, it does something to the American male mind and makes her even more attractive. Does this happen to the American female mind with men too? If certain bits from Love Actually are any indication, it does.

One response to “where does the pollen go?”

  1. Yes. This definately happens. Oh. Yes.

    I don’t know if for me it makes them more attractive per say, but it definately makes them a whole lot cooler. There are some instances where the cute-o-meter increases a few notches, though. Even with those British teeth.

    You know the age old question “If you could change one thing about yourself, etc”. Some people would change their hair, eyes, waistline and such. But me. I would be British. 🙂

    God save the Queen and all that rot.

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