her two kids in high school tell her that she’s uncool

Can’t get that song out of my head for some reason.

The mud is responding much better since I rebooted the server, but I know it’s a temporary fix.

The machine really needs to be replaced with something a lot newer. That may be happening in the near future, if I can figure out what is wrong with the possible replacement.

The small ISP that I help run (1fn.net) is going under, and I will be taking over hosting of a handful of domains. Because of the extra load this will put on the server, there won’t be enough capacity left to run the mud effectively on this server.

Don’t give up hope, I do have another server that has a bigger CPU, though less memory. The only reason I’m not using it for production is the lack of a second hard drive bay. Without RAID1, if I were to lose the hard drive, I’d lose everything. I hate losing everything. I could have the mud back up its database regularly to this server, so if I did lose the drive the mud would survive.

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