i’m a monk, not an architect

In personal news, we recently picked up three kittens. All three are girls, which was confirmed by the vet. When I feel up to unloading the camera, there will be pictures in the gallery. Their full names (short version underlined) are:

Captain Jackie Sparrow
Lady Kestrel Hawke
Bellatrix Black

On the MUD front, I got AnotherMUD compiled and started (after finding and installing gcc272), but the code in such a state of not-production-ready that I’m not going to bring it up on the ‘net. I wonder if Flagg still has the production codebase. I might be in a position to offer him a server and a phat bandwidth pipe … I wonder if that might bring it back.

I did manage to get an older version of CoffeeMUD “compiled” (it’s Java), and this version does not have the CR/LF problems that plagued me before. I borrowed the name of my MUD from the D&D sessions Kathy’s brother used to have.

For those of you with a desire the try my MUD out, you can reach it by telnetting to mud.elyograg.org on port 5555. I would strongly recommend NOT using the Windows telnet client. There are many mud clients available, or you can telnet from a Linux/Unix machine, or use a program like Putty that implements telnet properly.

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  1. That particular version of AnotherMUD is one of the manifestations of AM++, the project that’s been around for years now (in various forms, on and off) and probably won’t be completed.

    As for the production version, Flagg probably has some older version of the game. But from what I’ve felt (I might be wrong), he’s always been a bit reluctant to give the game or a copy away to others, or something like that. I don’t know… Try emailing him.

    If you could get Flagg re-interested in the game or alternatively get the game “liberated” from his hands, and if you’d manage to gather some of the old guys together to form the immortal staff that would take care of the mud, then perhaps it could result in a comeback, of some sort at least.
    I personally wouldn’t have the time to contribute to such a project at the moment, as I’m already working on another mud, but I would otherwise be interested in hearing about it and following the progress.

    (Don’t get me wrong about Flagg, by the way: In general, I think he was always one of the coolest guys a mud can have as an imp. So I’m not trying to bash him or anything like that, heh.)

    Elyograg/Gargoyle? Were you a knight or something? Did you also have a character, perhaps a shaman, called Dudley? Or was that someone else?

    I mainly played Methem, Drav, and Dagar. Started in March 1995, I think.
    I was never a notable or very knowledgeable player. Immorted Methem in late 1996. And so on…

  2. You’ve got me nailed. 🙂 I always liked the multichar aspect of AM, and the specialization system.

    Gargoyle was my tank. Can’t remember what spec he was, or what the options were, but Knight would not surprise me.

    Dudley was my Shaman. I always liked having someone along to heal and replenish food/water, and she was excellent in that role. Never really had any interest in the mage characters.

    My favorite character type is thief, and Elyograg was my Assassin that went Immortal. He was replaced by Jeczalik at that point.

    Many points to anyone who knows the inspiration for my supporting character names without an Internet search.

  3. Your name sounds familiar. I played Samsa (Archmage), Gwenlyn (Knight), and Daydream (Cleric, don’t remember what his remort spec was). For whatever reason Samsa had +27 to dex from bps. I was just poking around on Google looking for AnotherMUD and I came across this place.

  4. I too am “poking around on Google looking for AnotherMUD” now, as I sometimes do. I definitely remember Samsa, as there weren’t too many of us archwizards around (perhaps due to the fact that the class sort of, well, sucked ass =). Not that we ever even grouped together though…

  5. Hey, I used to play on AnotherMUD back in about 95/96. I was Vitatta. I miss the people on there and often wonder what some of them are up to.

    Take care!

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