why is the rum gone?

I’ve had a MUD running on my server in one form or another for quite a while, though I rarely log onto them, and so far I haven’t attempted to do any customization.

I haven’t been real happy with any of the software I’ve tried yet, and I’ve decided that the reason I’m not happy is that none of them is AnotherMUD. I did download the latest source to this MUD, but found that it would not compile. I believe the reason it won’t compile is that my compiler (gcc 3.3.5) is too pedantic about standars violations that were ignored only a few years ago. I do not have easy access to the really old gcc that would be required to compile it. It is likely that version 2.7.2 is required, and that is no longer packaged with the stable version of Debian.

Today I downloaded yet another DikuMUD derivative, called ROM. Its README has this as the first step in installation:

First, group with your highest level Unix guru, and have him or her tank.

I found that amusing enough to share.

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  1. I just thought it was kinda funny that I made a post on my livejournal with this exact same title the other night. Only I never actually posted it, I just couldn’t get my thoughts out right.

    Did you guys just watch Pirates? We did. 🙂

  2. Hey…

    What kind of problems do you encounter when trying to compile the AnotherMUD source?

    -A former player

  3. The error that kills the compilation is:

    db_char.c:1173: error: assignment of read-only location

    Before this, there are tons of these:

    warning: use of conditional expressions as lvalues is deprecated

    I just managed to get gcc 2.72 on my server and got it compiled and running, but this truly is a development version. The help system says ” NOT IMPLEMENTED (yet)”.

    I wonder what it would take for Flagg to bring the last production version back. It went down shortly after I managed to get an Immortal character.

  4. I hacked around those errors with simply disabling/enabling a couple of const qualifiers, heh. Didn’t try to run the server though (I’ve checked it out in the past).

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