do or do not, there is no try

Most of the articles on Groklaw make little sense if you haven’t been keeping up with the site on a daily basis. Today there was an article with particular clarity.

That article references a position paper from the OSI, or Open Source Initiative. The President of this group is Eric S. Raymond, who wrote most of the paper. It was written immediately after SCO filed their suit against IBM.

I believe SCO is going to lose their case. Their case is pretty weak to begin with, and when thinking about IBM, a quote from The Thomas Crown Affair comes to mind: “Do you you realize what kind of flesh-eating lawyers this guy is going to have?”

IBM has spent a HUGE amount of time in court, as both plaintiff and defendant. Over their long history, they have learned to cover their ass, dot every I, and cross every T before they make a move. Losing major lawsuits will do that to a company.

As for the title of this post … I happen to be watching Episode V right now.

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