Greyskull redux

I need the power!

Last week I ordered some wireless access points, which were a really good deal for the feature set. I did not notice that they came sans power supply until the next day, when I promptly ordered those as well. The access points arrived at my house this afternoon, but the power supplies are two days behind it.

Does anyone who is local to me have a Power over Ethernet injector I could borrow for a couple of days, or maybe a Power over Ethernet switch? They are commonly used to send power over an ethernet cable to VoIP phones and wireless acces points. I’d rather not wait two full days before messing with these things.

Now for an amusing semi-related story. My youngest was about a year old and we were all at the table eating. He got very excited about something and put his hand straight up in the air. I exclaimed “By the power of Greyskull, I have the power!” which got a laugh from my wife and confused looks from the older kids, who hadn’t ever seen He-Man. One of the older kids suddenly shouted “By the power of preschool!” which fit much better in her mind, since Ben was only a year old. The saying resurfaces around the house every once in a while to this day.

Update (2006-Apr-25): I wasn’t able to locate a substitute power supply, but I just learned that the ones I ordered will be here today.

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