parser stage roadberry and slime

I really need to install a weblog parser. Something that will let me know what kind of bandwidth my webserver is using, and where the traffic is coming from.

There are a lot of choices … analog, awstats, and so on.  I’m using apache 1.3 on Debian Linux.

Does anyone have any experience with these programs, and rationale for recommending one over another?

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  1. I’ve used awstats and analog. awstats gives a more robust report, but has been under fire for recent exploit attacks. analog has features that awstats doesn’t and vice versa.

    one thing that awstats has, is the ability to detect the viewers screen resolution and other things through plugins.

    If you want to see real world reports for multiple domains, hit me up and I’ll send you the links.

    I’d suggest you install both, and see which gives you the reporting that you’re looking for.

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