domain madness

As described in other posts, I spend my workdays logged into an chat room conducted on AOL’s instant messenger application. Marv, who is the link for almost everyone in the chat, expressed a desire to have an online spreadsheet for keeping track of some information about chat members.

One of the best ways for a large group of people to keep track of information is with a Wiki. At one time I had one on my website that members of my team at Convergys used to share information. It did not really get used or updated, so when I rebuilt my server, that was one of the things that did not get migrated.

When I registered the domains and, one of the cool words I came up with to use for a domain name was “obligatory.” I thought it might be useful as a place to collect obligatory movie quotes, jokes, et cetera.

When Marv made his comment about an online spreadsheet, I went looking for Wiki software. I decided on the software being used by the OpenNMS project website. So far the only complaint I have about this program is that I have not found a way for it to allow a persistent login, so every time you close your browser completely, you have to log in again. Admittedly, I have not looked very hard for a solution to this.

Behold, my wiki.

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