i feel like sombody taped my lips to the tailpipe of a bus

Yesterday afternoon I went down to Game Stop and bought Doom 3 and its expansion pack.

This is a very difficult game. I suspect that you have to be an excellent FPS player to do well at the game, but that doesn’t really describe me these days.

I always did really really well at the original Doom and other games based on its engine, but I think that’s mostly because it wasn’t true 3D – no need to worry about the z axis when shooting. I could play the whole game on Ultra-Violence without dying very often.

When Quake came out and all three dimensions were important, I found myself behind the curve and not able to play as well. On Doom 3, I have major trouble if I play any higher than the first difficulty level, which is Recruit. I tried Marine once, and don’t dare try Veteran. Nightmare isn’t even selectable … anyone know what it takes to unlock it?

The expansion pack is much more interesting than the regular game … you can in many ways call Doom 3 a very souped up version of Doom, and the expansion pack a souped up version of Doom II. The monsters in the regular game are the same as the original game, with immensely better graphics and much more terror.

I have a feeling that my laptop just barely meets requirements for the game. It’s got an ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility, but the hard drive is a slow 5400 RPM beast and it’s only got 512MB RAM. Maybe I need to create a hardware profile for gaming that has a lot of stuff disabled.

By elyograg

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  1. If you are using one of those Dells that peeps got with the tuition reimbursment from the Vyrg, you are running about at capacity I think. I believe that hte video card uses some of the system RAM.

    I can tell you that I had to turn everything way down to play Doom3 on my old system (Athlon 1500+, nVidia 5700 with 256 RAM, 1 gig system RAM). I have not tried it yet on my new system (Athlon64 3400+) yet, but I hear that I still don’t have the horsepower to go full out. Remeber when games were simple?

  2. I know what you are talking about with your 9100. But I just wanted to let you know that you can upgrade that machine. I think it can handle up to 2 gig of memory plus a faster and larger hard drive. The video memory is on the Video card and does not share with the system memory. Here is the video card stats from Dell:


    You can look them up if you add its service number on dells website.

    Even though the 9100s are huge and ugly they are still a really good box for the causual gamer and the regular user. I always take mine to LAN parties and play BF2 on it which is the most demanding game I have ever played.

    I have since upgraded mine with a integrated wireless card and blue tooth. My next buy if I can ever afford it will be an upgade to at least 1 gig of total memory. BE warned if you upgrade the RAM I have been told they have to be in pairs so if you want to upgrade you will have to dump the 2x256MB sodimms in it.

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