i order you to cease any and all supernatural activities and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension

I have learned that there’s a movie version of Doom coming out! Here’s a link to good version of the trailer:


I would like to organize a ‘guys night out’ to see this movie. Most wives or girlfriends will have no interest in seeing it. It would be perfect to see with friends, especially if we can have a line party on opening day (2005-Oct-21). The next weekend is halloween party time, and everyone is likely to be busy.

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  1. I’d be down.

    Hey, did any of you play Doom III? For an id game it got fairly lack-luster reviews, I’d be interested to hear one of you Doom fanatics compare it to the precursors.

  2. I have played it, on my laptop. I don’t have a copy any more, I’m working on fixing that. I haven’t tried it on any of my desktop computers, as my laptop can smoke them all.

    They’ve taken the suspense factor that was quite strong in the original and magnified it many times over … it’ll scare your pants off, especially if you have a big monitor and really good sound. I found it to be very hard to survive … I had to lower the difficulty to make it through the first level.

    The game-like sequences in the movie trailer look very much like the new game.

  3. As happens pretty often, I am the weird wife out, I guess, because I’ve seen the trailer and I would so totally go see this movie.

    I haven’t played the game myself, but my roommate has, and back before he moved in with us, I remember going up to see him one afternoon and hearing his shriek of surprise/horror when we knocked on the door. Seems we’d startled him while he was playing. 🙂

  4. I played all of the Doom games and I thought that Doom3 was a wee too dark and boding for my tastes. It was visually stunning and I have nothing but high hopes for Quake4 which is due out soon and is based off the same engine I imagine.

    On a much more serious note, Shawn, I wish I could be there to see if with y’all (note how the South has changed my vocabulary?). I am going to try to drag some of my team mates with me to see it here.

    Oh, Serious Sam2 is coming out soon and is going to be just $30. Serious Sam was the best $20 game EVER, so I hope that SS2 is a good sequel. If anyone is interested in it let me know and we can play once it’s released.

  5. I’m close to downtown and would prefer Century, to answer your question, but it really doesn’t matter to me where. Anyone else RSVP? Where’s the two-headed Natt Carville’s response?

  6. I do want to see the movie and Shawn and I have talked about how to make a wireless ad-hoc network so we can play Doom I on notebooks while waiting in line.

    Doom was the long anticipated sequel to Wolfenstein 3D and I played Doom religiously. I was the first person I ever knew of who organized a home LAN party (having to borrow a ton of equipment from work). I remember one night with I think Shawn, Shaffer and possibly some others where we played far, far into the night and it eventually degraded to us just killing each other gratitiously. Then I would have nightmares that I was actually in the game. Good times.

    Of course I want to see it! I would prefer to see it at Centry or the Gateway myself. But I have a notebook and would travel.

  7. Marv is right about Serious Sam. That game is responsible for my favorite LAN party experience of all-time — and that’s saying something. It’s one drawback is lack of replay-ability.

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