cinema exam answers

Here are the answers to the movie quiz. I have also placed them in the gallery.

01 – o brother where art thou
02 – pirates of the carribean
03 – pump up the volume
04 – kill bill volume 1
05 – pretty in pink
06 – kate & leopold
07 – the breakfast club
08 – dune
09 – lethal weapon 4
10 – the empire strikes back
11 – hidalgo
12 – pulp fiction
13 – shawshank redemption
14 – always
15 – benny and joon
16 – better off dead
17 – highlander
18 – you’ve got mail
19 – dogma
20 – fight club

The last guess, a group effort by three of my former co-workers, got 16 of them right. Marv was the best single effort at 12. The solo efforts of Nat and Chris each got 10. Grace got four of them.

The only one that nobody got was number 14. Kathy was so sure that nobody was going to get number 9 that she made me a bet, which I haven’t yet collected.

I think I’ll do this again, putting more thought into my movie choices so they reflect my “favorites” more than what popped off the shelf at the time. Might need to rent some that I don’t yet own.

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