a rolling stone gathers no moss

Kathy and I have just finished watching the third season of Alias on DVD. We rented the first two seasons, and when it became clear that every Blockbuster in the area was only carrying the first three discs of season three and none of the Hollywood Video stores were carrying it, we went and bought it.

I really enjoy the show … it’s not as predictable as many other shows on TV.

Kathy came home tonight with the first three seasons of Northern Exposure, and we are proceeding to watch that now. I have vague memories of watching this show with some friends and enjoying it, but I don’t remember many details of the show itself.

We’re not going to sleep much this weekend. 🙂

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  1. My wife and I started watching these DVD’s a while ago (last year I think). I really enjoyed it until about half way through season 2. After SD6 gets overrun, the double agent thing is over, Vaughn and Sydney shack up, Dixon is morose, and Frankie is killed, I started to lose interest. It’s like the show ended (all the loose ends were tied up) but they just kept making episodes anyway just to mess with us. So we stopped.

    Should we have plowed through? Does it get any better after mid season 2?


  2. Yes, IMHO you should plow through and watch them.

    Season 2 ends with quite a bang and Season 3 was pretty exciting as well. Season 4 ought to be out on DVD fairly soon. We haven’t seen any of the new stuff on TV at all, so we don’t know what’s been happening lately.

  3. Season 3 has been my favorite of all of them. Most of season 1 and 2 Shawn and I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen before it did. With season 3 some of the plot lines really took me by surprise. I was getting a little blah about it by the middle of season 2 as well, but things picked up quite nicely after that.

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