“you” is a very fluid concept right now

Last night Kathy shaved my head.

The first time I ever did this, I was at the annual Dave & Dave (Morgan and Wilson) New Years Eve party in 1999, getting quite soused. Kathy happened to be at the same party, but dating wasn’t something we were even thinking about.

DeeDee (a friend of mine from Lower Lights) and Hayley (Dave Wilson’s girlfriend at the time) had promised another party guest that they were going to shave his head before the night was done. They made good on the promise, and then began asking for more shaving volunteers. I hadn’t had a haircut in about six months, which means that my fast-growing hair was REALLY long. Even in my drunken state, I wasn’t sure about it, so I asked some people if I should do it, and Kathy said “sure!”

I know that pictures exist from that night, but I can’t find my copies. I can show you an approximation of what I looked like with a picture that was one year and 6 days later, at my wedding. My head had been freshly shaved about two weeks before the wedding, to give it time to fill in a little bit.

picture from my wedding

Here’s what I looked like last night, after I showered to get all the itchy bits of hair off.

me and my shaved head

A fully shaved head very easy care-wise. It takes almost zero shampoo to wash, and you don’t need to comb it. This state continues for a couple of months, until it gets long enough to lay down. I have to admit that I really like this state. I wish there was a way to make my beard behave for two months at a time. 🙂

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