happy father’s day! let’s go to the fabric store!

Because of some massive changes at work, I will be spending a lot of late nights and weekends at work for the rest of this month, and working a lot of extra hours in July as well. I was at work this morning, and have to be at work tomorrow as well.

On Saturday afternoon, Kathy’s parents came over to watch the kids, and we went out for what you could call a Father’s Day date. First we went to Su Casa for a late lunch, and then to JoAnn Fabrics. The girls are all making some clothes for school next year, so tons of fabric and a bunch of different accessories were needed.

Going to the fabric store on a “normal” day is not very exciting for a guy, but it’s a new kind of torture when there is a massive 50% off sale when you go. Even with all this, I did I enjoy being with my wife sans offspring for the three hours we were at the store.

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