is this thing on?

Just a quick question … who all is reading this thing? Sound off by leaving a comment. Be sure to let me know in some way who you are, especially if I don’t already know you. I’d also like to know if you are using an RSS reader to watch for new articles or if you do it the old fashioned way by pulling up the website.

One note – if you’ve never posted a comment on my blog before, it’s not going to show up right away – I’ll have to approve it.

7 responses to “is this thing on?”

  1. Me too!

    My aggregator is Bloglines. A lot of people make fun of web-based apps, but I really like being able to skate between multiple machines.

  2. I also use Bloglines — the installable Notifier at work and the regular webpage at home. I would use the Notifier at home, but my wife also uses the computer, with Thunderbird for RSS. The Notifier in the tray would end up causing too much confusion.

  3. I’m here. I use Bloglines so that I can read my feeds from anywhere — even the dentist’s chair (like I did last week on my phone)! Yeah, I know Thunderbird has RSS but I’m not always at my own computer and — let’s face it — most of us have more than one computer anyway.

  4. I read your blog, not only because it is interesting, but mostly because that’s the screen that comes up after I log out of my email.

    I have no idea what an RSS is, so I’m presuming I don’t have it or use it.

    Pretty sure you know who I am. If you need more info, let me know. I’m glad to here that your daughter is alive and well… what a scare!

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