i got cat class and i got cat style

My cat chases mice. About 1:45 this morning, I was woken up by my wife to deal with a dead mouse that he had brought in through the cat door, chased around my bedroom, killed, and proudly left as a present.

I know this means my cat loves me, but I do wish he would find a better way to show it.

Some pictures:

Pitr with Dash
Pitr and Marzipan

Pitr is the mouse-chasing black cat, about six years old. Hopefully everyone has seen the McDonalds action figure of Dash in person, so they can appreciate how large my kitty is. The other cat is Marzipan, a silver-tipped siamese female that is about a year old. We got her from a local animal rescue place whose name has escaped me at the moment.

We rarely have flies in our house, because Pitr is adept at catching and eating them. He also likes to chase spiders, but apparently they are not as fun as flies, because he usually lets them get away.

By elyograg

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  1. Both are gret looking cats. I wish that Joe’s cat was not such a little demon to other cats. Because I would like to get myself a Maine Coon.

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