but not a real green bike, that’s cruel

Okay, so it’s more yellow than green… but that wouldn’t be nearly as amusing.

Thanks to some recent purchases, the bicycle portfolio now includes everybody but Melanie, who refuses to learn to ride one. We have offered to buy her a bike and teach her to use it, but she has so far turned us down, and since she’s only here on weekends, we don’t get a lot of time to wear down her resistance on the subject. When the weather gets a little more stable, I will take the adult bikes in for a tuneup and go on a family bike ride.

Here’s three pictures I took today of Ben riding his new bike.

Ben riding bike, side view Ben riding bike, front view Ben standing next to bike

This is only the second time I have taken him outside to ride it. The first time was a few days ago. On that outing, he had a lot of trouble figuring out what to do with the pedals, activating the brakes as often as going forward. Today he really picked up on what to do … I no longer need to push him, and when he remembers to do it, he can stop himself. He’s become quite the speed demon, going faster than his other skills (like steering) can handle. There were several crashes, but thankfully no damage was done. I think he’ll need the training wheels for a while, but I am impressed both by his progress and the intelligent engineering that has resulted in an intuitive machine like the bicycle.

Check out the logo on his shirt. While I was on campus in North Carolina last year, I picked up souvenirs for the kids. 🙂

2 responses to “but not a real green bike, that’s cruel”

  1. I love bicycles. I wish that I still rode mine. It is currently in a box in a storage shed at my apartment. I really want to start riding it again but I think that it will have to wait till I move and can get it tuned up again.

  2. Benjamin sure has grown. He sure looks like his Mom. I know he has your temperment, but that dark hair is sure Kathy. You loved your first bike, but it went to bike heaven a long time ago.

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