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Last night I had a rare treat — a date with my wife, sans offspring. We went to see the new movie National Treasure. I really enjoyed it.

Just so everyone is forewarned, the fact that I enjoyed a movie should not be taken as a sign that it’s a good movie. There are very few films that I have ever hated, and I have intentionally purchased movies on DVD that cause “normal” people to cringe and question my sanity. Thankfully, I know plenty of people who are not normal!

The movie has both Kathy (my wife) and me wishing we knew more of American history.

In some ways, this movie is a lot like Sneakers. The plot is so fantastic that it could be absurd, but the story works because it’s put together very well. I believe that Nicholas Cage is also part of its success — nobody else could have pulled off this role. There is always something peculiar about the characters he plays, and he’s good at peculiar.

And that wraps up my post. I was all set to go into detail about what I thought at certain points in the movie, but I’m suddenly drawing a blank.

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  1. I, too, enjoyed the movie. Some parts were a little over-the-top, but all in all I had a good time. It is very much in the genre of Dan Brown’s Davinci Code and The Power of Four – kind of a way to capitolize on those books’ successes. But with an American flair.

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