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  • but the fourth one stayed up

    Thanks to some generous donations and my tax return, I have obtained parts and put together a new server.  This blog and a few other minor things are already running on the new machine, though as I write this, most of my other Internet services are still on the old server, saidar.  The new server […]

  • more on google’s favicon rebranding

    I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter on the Internet about Google’s new favicon. Seems the general consensus is that people hate it. I don’t hate it, but as I twittered a couple of days ago, it’s messing with my mind. When I said that, I meant that as I glance at my open tabs, […]

  • mucking with my trousers

    On my personal cellphone, I occasionally send text messages. I was writing one a few minutes ago to a buddy of mine because I want to verify that I can use his server for backup DNS. I use the “multiple tap” method for text entry, because I haven’t gotten the hang of T9 yet. Even […]