Yet another installation program gripe

I have noticed another new trend on installer programs.

More and more, they are initiating a reboot as the final phase of installation. You may be thinking that this isn’t new… But more than one installer has just done the reboot without even asking if that’s OK.

A full reboot of my desktop system seems to take about ten minutes, counting the time to shut down and for the hardware to POST. A little bit less if it doesn’t have updates to install. That doesn’t include the amount of time it takes to log in after it has booted, which has gotten very slow as well.

For that reason, I want to be in absolute control of when it reboots. These installers take that choice away from me, and it is very irritating. I understand that software installs sometimes require reboots. I want installers to inform me that a reboot is required, and allow me to choose to reboot it later on my own timeframe.

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