Screwed by the US health care system

In recent times, I have been unlucky enough to have lost more than one job. I have good reason to think that this is because of health care.

I’m not going to go into detail, but I’ll say this: the family members under my roof have a number of health conditions that are extremely expensive to treat. What this means is that any health insurance provider that has me and my dependents on their plan will be paying more every month than they earn in premiums.

I think that health insurance companies are informing my employers that this situation exists, and telling those employers that if I remain on the plan, that the premiums for ALL of their employees are going to rise significantly. The employer decides that they do not want that to happen, so they eliminate the problem — I lose my job.

HIPAA laws should make this practice illegal… But I think there’s a technicality to it. The insurance company doesn’t have to disclose any actual health information. They might not even need to provide financial numbers… It might be as simple as providing my name on a report.

The US needs to join the rest of the world and give health care to everyone.

I do have a potential solution for a new employer. They can pay me 90 percent of the subsidy they WOULD have given for health insurance. I will take that money and go to for my own plan that cannot affect them in any way.

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By elyograg

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