yummy lunch

I went to Grove Market today for lunch. Split a Deluxe sandwich with a cow-orker. This is a sandwich with ham, turkey, avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard, and mayo. It costs $8.99 plus tax. Here’s the sandwich, with a CD included for a size reference:


Grove Market and Deli
1906 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Call them and get them to fax you a menu, then call your order in. The line can get quite long if you order onsite.

One response to “yummy lunch”

  1. I think that all fathers-to-be should be made to eat a whole Deluxe sandwich from Groves so that they can better relate with their wives. Because I’ll tell ya…after eating just half that thing, I imagine that’s what it feels like to be pregnant.

    Get impregnated with deliciousness at Groves! Hey, maybe that could be their new slogan!

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